Why The Lithium ion Battery Pack Voltage Can Be Customized?


Lithium Battery Pack Can be in various series and parallels. The battery pack voltage = sum of each battery cell series voltage;

1.The method of battery cell series connection

Connect the negative terminal of one battery cell with the positive terminal of another battery cell, and the negative terminal of this battery cell is connected to the positive terminal of one battery cell ; The positive pole of the first battery cell is the positive pole of this battery pack, and the negative pole of the last battery cell is the negative pole of this battery pack.

Lithium ion battery pack series connection

For example, put 3pcs 18650 lithium ion cell in 3 series,the nominal voltage of eah 18650 lithium ion cell is 3.6V,then the total battery pack voltage = 3.6V*3=10.8V; it can increase or decrease the battery pack voltage by increase or decrease the series quantity which means the battery pack voltage can be customized as request.

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