Why The Lithium ion Battery Pack Discharge Current Can Be Customized?


The battery pack discharge current is the total amount of discharge current from each parellel.

When put lithium ion battery cell in several parallel connection, it looks like connect branch rivers come into 1 main river, the current of each parallel looks like the water from the branch river, then battery pack current looks like the sum of each river’s water.

Battery Pack Discharge Current Calculation

Lithium Battery Pack can be made of various series and parallels, the battery pack total discharge current = sum of each parallel current;

For example, there is a 1S3P 18650 lithium ion battery pack, it’s made of 3pcs 18650 3500mAh Samsung cell(samsung 35E) and connected as below picture.

The max continuous discharge current of 18650 3500mAh Samsung cell is 8A, it means each parallel can supply max 8A continuous dishcarge current.

So the 1S3P battery pack discharge current is 24A = 8A*3 parallels.

Battery Pack Discharge Current Calculation

Discharge Current Customization

Various 18650 cell models has various discharge current performance, it can changed the cell model to change the can custom the battery discharge current.

BMS or fuse can limit the battery discharge current, choose various BMS or fuse can change or customize the battery discharge current.

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