What is pvc custom lithium battery pack?


PVC custom lithium battery pack is a rechargable battery which made of battery cell, BMS, cell frame and nickel sheet and wrapped with PVC sheet.

PVC custom lithium battery pack mainly made of below 4 parts

Part 1: BMS, it used for protect the battery safe when charge/discharg.

Generally, there are 2 BMS types.

Type 1: Hardware BMS, which is just with normal protect functions like over charge protection, over discharge protection, high temp. protection,
short circuit protection, over current protection;

Type 2: Software BMS, which with communication function like UART/CANBus, it can monitor the battery real-time status feedback to the controller
or computer, software BMS usually used for high end/high value product.

Part 2: Battery cell, this is most important and expensive part.

Generally, there are below 3 cell types, and te battery can made into various shape/size.

Type 1: Cylindrical cell, like 3.6V 18650&21700 NCM cell for light electric vehicles ; 3.2V 26650&32700 LiFePo4 cell for small solar devices.

Type 2: Prismatic cell, usually refer to the 3.2V high capacity LiFePo4 moduler cell used for high power solar system or electric car.

Type 3: Pounch cell, usually refer to the 3.6V polymer cell used for 3C products.

Part 3: Cell frame, it’s used for holding the battery cells, good for heat dissipation and better structure strength.

Part 4: Nickel sheet, it ‘s used for connecting each battery cell;

pvc custom lithium battery pack structure
custom lithium battery pack

Lithium battery pack

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