The main ebike battery housing manufactures in china


This china ebike battery housing manufactures introduction is written based on ebike battery housing development history and market share.

FYI, the lithium ebike battery is mainly made of 18650/21700 lithium ion battery cell, battery housing and BMS, above 80% ebike battery manufactures purchase ebike battery housing from the professional ebike battery housing manufactures.

Top China ebike battery housing manufactures

They mainly supply existed housings to the lithium ebike battery pack manufactures or customized housing to the ebike manufactures.

SHANSHAN is famous for it’s Hailong series housing and Silver fish series housing as below.

REENTION is famous for it’s Dorado series housing and Poly series housing and Rear rack mounted housing.

Lithium ion ebike battery housing development history

Around 2008, the China ebike market start take off and lithium ion ebike battery housing market start take off around 2010, and most lithium ion ebike battery just make 24V 36V and below 10Ah.

Danyang City Tianbo Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Turnlife Technology are the forerunner’s of ebike battery housing, below are the very classic water bottle battery housing, rear rack mounted battery housing, Frog type battery housing and silver fish type battery housing.

Around 2012, Shanshan, Reenetion and Shungjie published more classic silver fish, downtube, seat post, rear rack lithium ebike battery as below, most battery start do 36V, capacity still most under 11Ah.

Around 2014, Shanshan launched 2 very classic and popular downtube battery cases called Hailong battery.

Around 2018, Reention lanunched a very classic and popular semi-intube battery cases called Dorado battery and lead the trend, more and more ebike manufactures start to use semi-tube battery and full intube battery since then, and the battery housings also have more diversities, extreme big and extreme small battery also come come as below.

Around 2020, the 21700 lithium ion cell were used in ebike battery, ebike battery housing manufacture launched 21700 battery as below.

Till now, full intube battery seems the first choice for ebike manufactures and ebike brand runners because it’s hard for the end users to source the a replace battery for it, but downtube and rear rack battery still popular in the DIY ebike market and conversion kits markets.

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