Lithium battery shipping methods and cost


Lithium battery shipping methods and cost are important features in the order process.

Lithium battery is classified as dangerous goods, its shipping policy is more strict than regular goods shipping and usually cost higher, and require to use UN packing.

Lithium battery shipping policy

Lithium battery require UN38.3&MSDS certificates.

Air shipping/Express require the lithium battery capacity must < 30% and packed in UN box.

Sea shipping shipping usually require the lithium battery capacity <70% and require put in DG conatiner which is used for contain dangerous goods only.

Lithium battery shipping methods and cost

By air/UPS/Fedex/DHL, this cost high and usually for sample order or small trial order, 7- 9 days, the cost mainly depans on the goods gross weight/volumn weight.

By sea, this is a most common and cost-efficient shipping methods, 30-60 days, the cost mainly depans ont he goods volumn, require the goods volumn minimum 1 cbm.

By train, some time it can ship to Europ around 30 days, by train but not stable.

Lithium battery shipping term

As lithium battery is dangerous goods, the import custom declaration process is more complicated than regular goods, so we could offer DAP Door to Door shipping service, some customer use their own shipping forwarders and do EXW terms.

Lithium battery shipping process

  1. Apply for UN38.3 & MSDS certificates when customers confirmed bulk order.
  2. Prepare UN packing box for the orders, UN box is a custom certified packing. The local custom will do site check in the packing factory and issue a packing quality certificate which marked the quanity, UN serial no. of each batch UN box, quality performance certificates valid in 1 year.
  3. Pack the lithium battery with certified UN box, then inform the custom to do sit check and issue the UN box packing use certificate.
  4. The do custom declaration and export.
  5. Put the lithium battery in the DG container and shipping and storage the goods in DG warehouse after discharged in destination port.
  6. Do DG goods declaration and import.
  7. Delivery after tax paid and custom declaration finished.
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