Lithium battery packing


Lithium battery packing should use UN box according to the UN38.3 requets, and packing box should add indication lables of DG grade and lithium battery types .

Lithium battery packing and requirements mainly matter with UN38.3 standard requirements.

For sample and small orders, it can also use regular box.

Lithium battery packing UN box

  • UN symbol
  • UN packing code 4G/Y80/S/22 CN/ PI:22001
  • 4G is packing identification code, means the it’s a fiberboard material box
  • Y80, Y stands for packing type, 80 is the raated gross weight limit
  • S means it used for contain solid goods
  • 22 means manufacturing year
  • CN means the origin manufacture area
  • PI:22001 is the code of UN box manufacture
  • UN3480 means the inside goods type is pure lithium battery
  • Grade 9 lable the DG goods grade.
  • Cargo aircraft only label is should be add on the box when ship by air/UPS/Fedex/DHL

Lithium battery packing UN box cost

First it requires to apply for UN38.3&MSDS certificates first, then need 2 certificates from the local custom to prove the quality and validity of each batch UN box, it cost extra USD2-3 for each box and reuire MOQ 500pcs, the validity time of each batch UN box is just 1 year.

Lithium battery packing regular box

  • As the MOQ for making UN box is 500pcs and cost extra USD2-3 for when use UN box, and the UN box manufacturing process is more complicated which will increase the production time, for small order or samples, it can use regular carton box and put on the necessary lables.
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