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Lithium ion battery pack Welding

Our Story

Founded with a principle for reliability and a deep understanding of lithium battery technology, Flion Power has grew as a leading player in the field of lithium-ion battery manufacturing.

Our company’s mission is firmly planted in the world of lithium battery production, where we have continually pushed the boundaries to produce safe, reliable lithium battery.

We aim to manufacture and export high-quality lithium ion batteries to customers around the world. Our career began with a vision to provide the customer with safe and reliable and 
customized lithium-ion battery packs.

With over a decade of experience in lithium ion battery, it brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the industry.

Manufacture Expertise &
Quality Assurance

With over a decade of experience, we have gained an impeccable reputation for our expertise in the production of lithium-ion battery packs. Our batteries are used in a diverse range of industries, from electric bikes to portable devices and everything in between. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the unique needs of each customer, tailoring solutions that suit their requirements perfectly.

Quality is not just a word; it’s our way of life. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and have established stringent quality control processes to ensure that every lithium battery pack that leaves our factory meets the highest industry standards. Our commitment to quality and safety is unwavering, and we go the extra mile to provide our customers with reliable and consistent products.

Lithium ion battery pack welding

Our Product Range

Flion Power offers a diverse range of lithium battery solutions to cater to various industries and applications.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack

We specialize in designing and producing custom lithium-ion battery packs that meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a unique shape, size, voltage or capacity, we have the expertise to figure a solution tailored to your needs.

Electric Bike Lithium ion Battery

Our electric bike lithium batteries are designed for optimum performance and long-lasting power. We offer a variety of options to suit different electric bike models and ebike conversion kits ,ensuring a smooth and efficient ride..

Portable Device Lithium Ion Battery

Power your portable devices with our high-quality lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are lightweight, compact, and long-lasting, making them ideal for a wide range of portable applications.

Lead Acid Replace Lithium ion Battery

Make the switch from traditional lead-acid batteries to our advanced lithium-ion alternatives. Our lead acid replacement lithium batteries offer higher energy density, longer cycle life, and a significant reduction in maintenance.

Low Temperature Lithium ion Battery

Operating in low-temperature environments? Our low-temperature lithium batteries are designed to provide reliable power even in extreme cold conditions @ -40°C, making them ideal for outdoor and industrial applications.

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